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Interiors Design in North Wales

A flair for creating beautiful things at home, exquisite taste, and a superb sensitivity to aesthetics in terms of design are all qualities that are desirable in a designer. Because of these qualities and creative ability to add beautiful details to projects, Sonia’s work was in such high demand that she decided to start an interior design business. Silk and Stone is a sophisticated interior design agency serving in North Wales. We offers services to create your signature appearance, helping you stand out from the competition in the process. Our firm embodies creativity in every sense of the word. Our rich experience in the field of interior design, has helped to perfect our method. We guarantee the delivery of a bespoke style that is of an exceptionally high quality and worth.

Silk and Stone Interior Design works closely with each of its clients on a diverse range of projects spanning a variety of different scales. This may involve assisting clients in the transformation of a single room, the execution of an entire comprehensive design plan, or the modification of their style to reflect the changing seasons. Due to the fact that innovation and creativity are the core values of Silk and Stone, we will bring these qualities to any project we do. Sonia always work within the limits of their customers’ budgets and timescales, keeping in view the architecture of the property, in order to create a space that is both inspiring and unique.

Silk and Stone always try its best to come up with beautiful themes for every place. We have great taste and pay a lot of attention to how things look. Our client will get all the information he or she needs, as well as good ideas on how to put the client’s project into action, define style, and make the mood the client wants.

We take pleasure in always providing the services in a timely manner, while paying close attention to every last detail. Our interior designer combines technical, architectural, functional, and aesthetic solutions from A to Z for our clients during the interior design process. Every component is measured, designed, and wisely picked to harmoniously fit together.

An excellent way to build a colour scheme, create a distinctive style, rearrange furniture, or find new items that are suitable for our customers is through a decorating consultation. During the consultation with a highly skilled designer from Silk and Stone, our client will obtain the essential details and precise suggestions on how to carry out their project and specify style. Then we create the ambiance they desire. Our firm always work hard to satisfy the needs of our clients while also giving them the opportunity to unwind while we take care of the rest. We try our best to create homes that are as special and charming as the individuals who live there. We adore seeing a property that accurately reflects the tastes of our clients.

From pre-design to project closeout, Sonia manages and coordinates every aspect of the client’s project personally. Every aspect of the project is coordinated and overseen by her. The core job of our interior designer is to make sure that each project is finished on time, within budget, and to the full satisfaction of the client.

Our coverage area for the area of North Wales extends to a number of different towns and cities, including The Wirral, Chester, Heswall, Abersoch, Anglesey, Menia Bridge, Rhosnegr, Beaumaris, LLandudno, Snowdonia, and Frodsham. If you could please get in touch with us, we would be happy to talk about your requirements and would be open to the possibility of setting up a time to meet in person to go through them in further depth.

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