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Interior design in the County of Cheshire

A Cheshire-based interior design company called Silk and Stone specialises in creating unique, luxurious interiors for homes around the UK. We concentrate on bespoke and consultative full-service solutions, from conception to execution. Silk and Stone provides a thorough interior design service that is specially crafted for each client. Sonia creates modern, fashionable, and exquisite rooms for you to live in and enjoy. She is one of the most highly acclaimed young interior designers in the UK. Whether it’s a whole home renovation, interior decorating, or just design plans, we make sure that every project is unique to your personality and way of living. We offer a unique design service in which we work with you to understand your needs, then look at different options, and finally make a custom design plan that you can buy from us.

Sonia has always been a very imaginative person who has a passion for the arts in all of their forms. She views interior design as an art form that involves modifying your living space to affect your mental and emotional state.

Our extensive experience, unique approach, and classic contemporary style enable us to create extraordinary designs that surpass the expectations of our clients. 

We are distinctive in our architecture and design methodology that evokes nature and human wellness in the building design. Silk and Stone Interiors can provide you with fantastic ideas you hadn’t thought of to help you make your dream a reality. Our environmentally friendly interior design may calm your senses and provide a safe place for you, your friends, family, and guests.

From country homes to city apartments, from barn conversions to modern new constructions, our commissions range widely in design. Every project is individual and unique. We approach every project with a fresh, inventive perspective, offering substantial experience and a creative flair to assist you in creating your perfect living space with plans that are inspirational, imaginative, and unique. We are concerned about how design affects the environment, and we collaborate with a variety of talented craftspeople in our community. At Silk and Stone, we are just as excited about your project as you are, and our personalised service and detail-oriented approach will guarantee its success.

Silk and Stone collaborates with the best artisans, brands, and suppliers in the industry to create a truly customised service that inspires our clients. Our core business is designing beautiful interiors, and we treat every project we undertake with the same enthusiasm and pride as if it were our own. We provide the project’s diverse components with the necessary consideration. This makes it much easier to understand our clients and their projects, resulting in genuinely bespoke experiences for each scheme. We stand out because we provide a wide variety of styles with distinctive accents.

Silk and Stone expanded its significant knowledge to offer consultancy services throughout Cheshire in response to high demand. No matter where we have worked, we have infused the projects with our creativity, vitality, energy, and worth. Contact us right now! We would adore to work with you. We’re providing a special experience that makes sure you’re inspired and heard all the way through. For us, it was crucial to develop a personalised solution that incorporated both your vision and our experience. In order to ensure that the space ideally represents you, we employ our own sense of style and taste to help you sort through your selections. With our easy-to-use method, you can change the way your space looks and feels while spending less time thinking and more time enjoying what we’ve made.

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